You know when you have a song on your mind and you just can’t stop singing it. Well this song was my inspiration for the painting “Corazon de Melon”. (Click on the picture and you can then hear a clip of it. ) It’s actually a Cuban mambo song by Perez Prado. Somewhere in the depths of my memory as a child this song has just come bubbling up. Mambo music is embedded in my soul and being. I can remember having family gatherings during Christmas and my tio Neto (Ernesto) dancing with his wife Carmen to Perez Prado music, (the same way that Elaine danced on Seinfeld.) His fancy moves always cleared the dance floor.

I’m really happy I found this … I think I’m going to download it to my mp3 player. Oh… and maybe even create a E-card with this music for Valentines E-greetings. (Don’t you just love, brain farts?) Posted by Hello

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