Quiet time to reflect

A night of quiet reflection. I took this self-portrait a while ago but thought it was appropriate for tonight. I’ve been catching up on things around the house (folding laundry, dishes, etc…..it’s my Friday night ritual so that on Saturday and Sunday I can focus on other things instead of housework. I’m feeling tired. Tomorrow I meet the other artists at the Mission Cultural Center for a photo shoot. I also have to give Patricia an “artist statement” for the show.

I feel like I’ve hit a wall. I am such a visual person that I don’t know even where to begin to describe myself, much less my art. I learned to “see” before I learned to speak, write or even walk. I see the world in color and my paintings make me realize that the world is not “just black or white”.

So I am throwing this out to anyone who wants to help me with this. What do you see, feel, sense when you see my work? What does it all mean to you? How do you react when you see it?

To me they are images taken from my life’s present and past memories. Nothing complex about them. At least that’s how I feel. You get it/ them by simply looking at them. No hidden agendas. Some are silly, some are spiritual, natural, healing.

Okay is 11:30 and my head hurts I’ve hit the wall so hard….. any suggestions?
If you’re not familiar with my work, but want to help me with this go to www.sandiafria.comPosted by Hello

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4 thoughts on “Quiet time to reflect

  1. hi maria-let this total stranger be the first to say how much your work just lifted MY spirits today. i understand how you’re feeling. when i feel that way it definitely has a bearing on my energy. tires me out, too.i’d like to say, though, that your work reflects the experience of many but the attitudes of some, perhaps. i immediately felt joy and pride at seeing the frida piece on your home page. it’s a history that, for me, is far removed but that i love nonetheless. it’s still mine. and your work makes it feel even more mine!let me conclude by saying that finding your work made my day. i hope that lifts YOUR spirits now. 🙂

  2. I think you just need to write what’s in your heart, and you will sure amaze everyone that reads that piece of paper next to your beautiful artwork. Here are some things that you can start your statement with (ojo, las saque de tu post):**I learned to “see” before I learned to speak, write or even walk. I see the world in color and my paintings make me realize that the world is not “just black or white”.**Someone said to me once, “you need to live life from your heart. it doesn’t matter what you do; if it is from your heart, it’s gonna make you happy, it’ll make you complete.” Good luck… and maybe you can publish your artist statement in your blog or in your website, for the ones that have the Mision Statement more than 24 hours away (like me!)

  3. Maria, your work brings me deep joy and makes me smile every time I look at it. I love the vibrant colors and the themes that include everything from everyday café con leche to the spiritual, with your sun, moon and angels. Your paintings are full of honesty and love. And yes, by the way, I do think it’s possible to “paint in Spanish”!

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