Artist Statement, simply stated

“Before I walked, spoke or even tasted life… I saw color. I continue to view the world with all of it’s tragedies, wars, peace and celebrations in color and recognize that the world we live in, is not just black and white. {thank you Auntie Sue} For the last 15 years my paintings have been hidden, only on display to family and friends. I have learned that to grow as an artist I have to share them and give them wings. {thank you Nancy of } I am mostly a self-taught artist, although I am now persuing a formal education in Fine Art at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. {thank you mom and dad and Tim for keeping the dream of a formal education alive}

I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador and raised in Redwood City, CA. I married into the Mexican and Puerto Rican culture and have come to learn, love and enjoy all of the different music, food and celebrations that are now a part of my life. The language, art and history, are all things that play a major role in my work. I have found that I paint in “Spanish”. It was my first language in the spoken world and continues to be the language of my soul when I sit down to paint. {thank you Ruth Kunstadter of for helping me realize that}

My paintings are images taken from my life’s present and past memories. They are simple and sometimes familiar expressions of color and form, yet they all tell a story. Some are silly, some are spiritual others are natural and they all have healing color. I am especially drawn to the vivid colors in nature, the deep blue of the sky, green grass, orange pumpkins, the red flesh of watermelon. These colors are all reflected in my work. They are food for the soul. ” {thank you God for the beauty you created in nature}

(Its a bit long but I think will work for the Exhibit) It was a good learning experience which I hope to fine tune as I go along this journey. Thanks to everyone who contributed. A special thank you to Carolyn’s ezine at who reminds me live a radiant life with an open heart. You find you can do alot of things when you live this way. Sinceramente, Maria