New York getaway

I’ve been away and just getting back into the swing of things… still recouping from my little get away to New York with Tim. We had an awesome time just hanging out, we froze our behinds but it was a nice get away. Here are a few pics. I also got to visit Museo Del Barrio and their “Retratos” exhibit. Was able to see 3 of my favorite Latino artists Frida, Diego and Botero. The best part of that visit was sharing it with my amiga Ruth. So sweet and great to finally put a face the name. Ruth you are awesome and thanks for sharing your Saturday morning with Tim and I. They have a great little gift shop and even got to see Kathy Murillo work on display. Her work is beautiful. We spent the weekend visiting museums, shops, soho, the village and Manhattan and a few really good places to eat. If you are in New York you must visit, Plataforma and Esperanto (145 Ave. C, corner of 9th Street) both have great Brazilian food and live musica… let’s just say I wanted to get up and dance samba… too bad I have two left feet and my hips can’t move that fast.

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