Goodbye Millie we will miss you….. our family is so sad… I’ve been balling my eyes out all yesterday and I am in tears as write this. My poor little Millie. We had to put her down yesterday. She seems so harmless, but this loveable little girl had a mean streak. She was very jealous of my 4 yr old Sarah. She took a bite out of Sarah thigh (2nd bite incident) and after much consulation with the vet, JRT rescue and SPCA they all agreed that putting her down was our only solution since she was “not adoptable”. A year ago when the first bite happened we even went to family doggie counseling with an expert dog trainer. I will never understand why Millie did this. But we will always remember her for her silliness, loveable licks and crazy antics. The house was to quiet this morning, and I dread going home again to an empty house. She brought us so much joy. I am looking for a new baby one that is much more child friendly and am considering a Apple Head teacup Chihuahua or a Yorkshire Terrier. If anyone has any other suggestions on what type of dog is really good with children let me know.  Posted by Hello

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