Today I got to meet this artist by the name Harry Fonseca (maidu heritage). What an amazing artist and friendly soul. He gave a talk today on campus (Stanford) so I the curious artist that I am went to meet him asked him questions and he was so nice to answer me honestly. The main discussion was about Indian artists (native american) who had travelled and participated in the Venice Biennale. Since I am still toying with the idea of going to the the Florence Biennale I thought it would be great to hear from him first hand experiences. He thought that I should go to Florence, but acknowledged how difficult it is simply because of logistics and the finances involved. The best advice he gave me was “work” and work hard it will pay off in the end. He also said I should try working on large canvasses to really bring out my style. So I’m feeling inspired after that and will be going home to paint tonight and this weekend. I’ve had some large canvases just sitting there waiting to be painted.  Posted by Hello

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