Friday the 13th?

Does it matter that today was Friday the 13th? No… because with the luck I’ve had these past few weeks you would think it was Friday the 13th everyday. No really… just to name a few:

1) I ran over my favorite pair of black glasses, so I’ve been blind for a few weeks, wearing my old glasses from like the 80’s (not a pretty picture). I prefer to squint.

2) the dog (our new precious baby Ms. Mimi) pee’d on my sweats…my fault for leaving them on the floor.

3) got a ticket for parking in front of my own house. I never ever park on the street, the one day that I did … I got a stinkin ticket. (Tim’s fault he took up the whole driveway)

4) I missed my freeway exit twice this week… why? Because I was singing so loud and distracted I missed my exit. Twice! I made myself late to work twice in one week. I really need to ditch that old Ricky Martin CD. But I love that “Maria” song “un pasito pa lante, un pacito pa tras…Maria, Maria” you know it’s kind of become my theme song. Sarah enjoys it too… she calls it the Shrek CD {Sarah: She requests it every morning “mom can we listen to the “vida loca” song … you know the one from Shrek?}.

5) Sarah has learned to spell her name so she has been “tagging” everything including my furniture. She’s even tagged her toes with red permanent sharpie markers; she looks like a little Indian bride who’s just dipped her toes in henna.

Yeah I’m complaining, but you know when you look at the big picture, little things like this are just minor distractions. I was reminded this morning when getting out of my car and Sarah gave me a waded up piece of napkin taken from my lovely collection of them in my backseat. She said mom “ a mudder’s day present for you”. She had scribbled her name and a picture of a flower and even wrote “for mom”. Yes a 4 year old … a gentle reminder of what matters most.

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