One thought on “The bones are in place ! woo hooo! Art By Latina A…

  1. hey hey!! I found your website from a post in a yahoo group called Salvadorans where you at. I was born in san salvador back in 78′ (right before the war) and adopted in oct on 79′ by white americans…so…im sure I have stories…anyways…searching for culture and my TRU roots, it has landed me to yahoo groups and being able to “breathe” while talking to my blood-el salvador…..For the longest time I have wrote to myself and who ever is out there….b/c behind all the question, there might be answers….but from where i was raised, people dont wanna hear that…so I found poetry to keep me sain, i guess….haha well anyways, I am excited to read more on your website and the art!…so far , so good!


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