Painting again…

It’s been quite some time since I’ve painted anything. My brushes and canvas have been calling me for months. I’ve been so busy with other things that I’ve not had the energy or time to paint. I like to paint “a la prima”. I’ve always painted this way. I start a painting and for the most part finish it in one sitting (even if it means sitting for hours). I finally gave in last night after a long day. In my frustation to let out some stress I gave in to the brushes, (painting has always been a great stress reliever for me)
I’ve had this painting brewing for some time now. It was kind of funny the kids noticed and made comments like, “what? your painting!” Timmy gave me a blank stare… followed by ” I can’t believe your painting!” Sarah propped herself on the stool next to me watching me dip the brushes in paint and then on to the canvas. It felt really good. A reunion of sorts.


A good friend of mine and co worker recently gave me a copy of a her manuscript, it includes memories from her junior high and high school experiences, short stories, she has a fantastic way with words. The title is Night Blooming Jasmine. A flower that blooms and only gives out it’s fragrance at night. This painting is what came to me after reading her manuscript and is my gift to her . Night Blooming Jasmine, “Queen of the Night”.

ps. Tim is back home safe. I am so grateful to everyone who kept him and our family in their prayers. I hope to paint some more and like before will be previewing them here before they go on or up for auction.

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