My new man cave….

Well it’s not really a man cave…but it’s my cave. Saturday I read a book I picked up years ago called “Where Women Create”. After seeing these beautiful spaces I felt so sad that I didn’t have a designated space where I could create. So today I spent the entire day carving out a space in my garage to set up my own little painting, creative studio. It feels so good to have a designated space.

For years I’ve been painting in the dining room or on the island in my familyroom/kitchen area. Which made it hard to focus because of all the distractions. Then because I’d have to put stuff away … projects I was excited about, would more often than not…get put on hold or forgotten all together. The saying “out of sight out of mind” is true… especially for artists I think..if you don’t have it in front of you, or easily accessed, you forget it or the excitement simply goes away. At least for me it did, the thought of lugging things in and out of crates just made the whole creative process become a chore.

Now I can leave things out and continue where I left off. I have my own little space and I’m just thrilled! The kids all have their own rooms to play and do as they wish. My husband has his office. Now I can finally retreat to my little cave and paint to my hearts content. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. It does’nt even bother me that I have to share the space with old toys, boxes, sleeping bags, or piles of laundry. To anybody else it’s just a cluttered garage, but to me its a little space to do as I wish, close the door and listen my own music, and get lost in creative bliss.

If I’m brave I’ll post some pictures. I know that this space will evolve and maybe even motivate me to declutter the garage even more.

Create my own creative space…. check!

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