The Art of Lupe Flores

One of my favorite artists is Lupe Flores. While we have never met in person we go back a while back to 2004 when we both were listing art on Ebay. I’ve watched her art develop over the years and it’s been incredible to see the different types of art she has created.
Lupe’s art includes paintings, hand stitched dolls, clay dolls and more recently a new line of t-shirts with her Dia de los Muertos themed art!


She has also teamed up with Saide on a line of paper mache painted calavera skulls.
To learn more about Lupe Flores visit her website at:
To purchase her T-shirts, dolls, original art and prints visit her etsy store:
Lupe’s art is also one of this months featured artists on


Published by Maria Sanchez


2 thoughts on “The Art of Lupe Flores

  1. Yes, we go way back when ebay was the place to be. Things has changed but for the best! I now have my website and fully stocked store in Etsy. My art has evolve over the years and I'm enjoying every minute of it. This year I been busy collaborating with Saide making paper mache sugar skulls. We will be selling these and much more art stuff at Canoga Park Day of the Dead Festival Nov 7th visit the site for more details! http://www.mainstreetcanogapark.orgThank you Maria!Lupe Flores

  2. I am very happy for Lupe. I have always loved her art. And I am very excited to be working with her! my paper mache skulls will be lifeless without her. Saide

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