Growing out of my comfort zone. For most that know me …you know I am an introvert and pretty shy. So for me to do anything that involves putting myself out there for any kind of criticism or judgement completely freaks me out. Nevertheless I do sometimes find my inner extrovert/performer/leo and get myself into some things that are outside my norm. This weekend I found myself dressing up like Frida Kahlo for a model call at DeYoung (Gaultier-inspired fashion event). They asked models to show up dressed in either traditional or modern Frida. I walked in wearing a traditional Frida-like outfit… and then quickly changed into a more modern Frida look (leather jacket, tube top made from a beautiful floral wrap, jeans and sky high heels!) Here are some pics of me and a link to which covered the many faces Frida that came out for the call.  If I make the cut I’ll be at DeYoung June 29th at 6:00pm as a part of their Friday night program. Fun times!

Viva Frida: From the Blue House to the Catwalk
Presented in partnership with Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco and The Mexican Museum

You are invited to celebrate your inner “Frida” in the Gaultier-inspired or the traditional fashion in a program curated by Rene Yañez
Show featuring designs by Chloe Rose
Live music performance by Liliana Herrera
Mezcal tastings by Wahaka Mezcal: Piazzoni Murals Room
Wahaka Mezcal will be conducting a taste and will be sharing information about the smoky Mexican-made elixir. Wahaka Mezcal was launched in the United States early in 2012 and is made in San Dionisio Ocotepec bythe  famous Zapotec mezcalero Alberto Morales and his family. In its short life, Wahaka Mezcal has already won more than ten tasting prizes at spirits competitions in the United States. It is available in five varieties. Its Traditional line uses 100% organically-farmed espadín agave, and includes Joven Espadín and Reposado con Gusano. The Signature line features wild agave varieties and includes Joven Madre Cuishe, Joven Tobalá, and the Joven Ensamble, a blend of Madre Cuishe (25%), Tobalá (25%) and Espadín (50%).

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