DIY Tutorial Dia de los Muertos mask

I love this time of year. Getting ready for Dia de los Muertos comes early for me. Here is a sample of some of the crafts I am working on.


What you’ll need:

Wood skeleton face masks… I found these at my local Michael’s. They come with a skeleton face already painted on them. I painted over mine with gesso to create a more custom look. I used acrylic paints and glitters. Including Elmers’ glitter glue. Liquitex Basics, Crafty Chica paints, Crafty Chica paint writers, some cempasúchil silk flowers, ribbons, glue gun, and glue sticks, box cutter, sharpie pen and medium small tip paint brushes for details.

I started out by covering the mask in gesso, once dried I sketched a design of my own and then used acrylic paints to color it in. I finished it off by adding different glitter glues for accents and a little sparkle. Once the paint and glitter is dry you can add the silk flowers and ribbons using a glue gun to adhere to the top part of skull.

This was easy enough for my daughter Sarah to help me with. We’ll be making a few more of these this weekend! 

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