DIY playing with paper.. making flowers

As an artist I often get bored with working in just one medium and when that happens I find myself looking for whatever I can use or get my hands on to create something. I’m actually sitting in my office with very limited supplies. Feeling a little frustrated and decided to cut paper. I recycled pages from on old romance novel, a coffee cup chip board wrapper and some prints of my artwork that I’ve had sitting around and not able to use. (I think the resolution was not high enough when I printed them.) However the colors are still vibrant enough to make flower petals. I basically cut out different sized petals from each paper source and glued to a circle. I embellished with a red pen on two of them. I think for most artist the satisfaction of creating something out of nothing is what often drives us to create. This was an easy enough little art project and I think I’ll use them in my scrapbook when I get around to that. Otherwise they’ll be in my Etsy shop if your interested and think you can use them in your own scrap-booking project. 🙂

Published by Maria Sanchez


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