The Only Girl Among Boys: Letter To the War-Weary Wife

I’ve not been writing for this blog simply because I’ve been able to communicate and stay in touch with my sailor through other media. I thought at first that this would be something that he could read to keep up with us at home.   Unlike the first deployment we are lucky to have tools like facebook, skype and facetime. Technology has changed how we communicate and has definitely made it easier for military families to stay connected. There are times when I don’t hear from him but no where near the longer blackout times as in his previous deployment. For that I am thankful.

But today I was reminded that sharing my story of how I am doing, how I am coping is important. Important because there are so many other women facing deployments for the first time that need to be encouraged by those of us that have been there. We are community, a sisterhood like no other. I am proud to be part of it. 

I want to share a blog by Rebecca Yarros. Her experience encourages me and reminded me that as I go through this journey, my experience can be used to help others. So to any military spouse getting ready to face a deployment remember that you are not alone. Reach out to those that have been there before, we are here to help you and like Rebecca reminded us that have been through it before. We need to be there to help you. Thank you Rebecca Yarros for keeping it real. I am encouraged.

The Only Girl Among Boys: Letter To the War-Weary Wife

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