Thank you for stopping by my blog. I currently live in the San Francisco peninsula area. I am a lover of the arts, in particular the visual arts. Growing up I always found a way to express myself through creativity.  Sometimes through music, tinkering in my parents garden, endlessly rearranging my parents furniture, doodling on my  PeeChee folders, writing and painting. Always finding happiness in using my hands and imagination to create something out of nothing.
My favorite subjects to paint are things related to my Latino culture. i.e. Frida Kahlo, still lifes (watermelons mostly), trees, women, day of the dead themes, etc.  I was born in El Salvador, but raised in Northern California from the age of two. Finding a connection in my paintings to my memories, brings a sense of comfort and warmth to my soul. Painting is also a form of healing and meditation for me, as it allows me to tune out normal everyday stress. It brings me an inner joy and sense of creative satisfaction in knowing that I made something from scratch, using my hands and my imagination. In a sense it serves as my medicine during the creative process, but then as I release my paintings into the world they serve a double purpose in bringing color and beauty to those that collect them.
I am also a mother of three beautiful kids and wife to my husband of 23 years. They keep me busy and on my toes… painting is my quiet respite from the chaos of life.
I sometimes get into a new theme or style of painting and just go with it for while.  I also tend to go back to my comfort zone which is more of the primitive folk art style. I love to learn and experiment with new techniques, tools and color… always color… bright vivid color. My compositions are varied in subject but what links them is my use of color. I’d like to say I’m a “colorista” … somebody that loves and is fascinated by color.
I offer original paintings online and sometimes in a few select galleries or group shows. My paintings are collected both locally and worldwide.
Thanks for stopping by and come back again to see what’s new.
CONTACT: sandiafria@gmail.com

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