After deployment  I wanted to share this great site for military spouses who have no idea on how to deal with all the issues around deployments, pre during and post deployments. Deployment is over for him now and I’m thankful he is home safe, decompressing and readjusting to civilian life. It’s kind of unfair that  spousesContinue reading “After deployment”

Love Rewards the Brave

“When you open yourself to living a life of gratitude instead of resentment and fear. It opens your heart to receive love and goodness. When your heart is full it overflows and can’t be contained. This leads to sharing your true essence and opens doors that were once closed. Gratitude, Love and Courage opens them.”Continue reading “Love Rewards the Brave”

Lead us to a place… the prayer

“Palomita de Paz” RED Project #7 Sharing a beautiful song… The Prayer. I’m sure you’ve heard it before… although this  version is sung by a child (Rhemma Marvanne)… so angelic. God bless those that mourn and those that are are afraid. My favorite verse “When shadows fill our day…Lead us to a place…Guide us withContinue reading “Lead us to a place… the prayer”

RED Project #6 Corazon (anatomical heart)

RED Project, #6 “Corazon” size: 3×3 inches mixed media: red and black ink and pencil on cardstock My heart breaks after all that happened today. So sad. Praying for the children who lost their lives and those who mourn them. God help us as a society. This shooting is so senseless. I can’t wrap myContinue reading “RED Project #6 Corazon (anatomical heart)”