I am super woman! … not.

To all the fabulously brave military wives out there holding down the fort while their husbands are deployed. Be brave, be courageous and know that you are loved, valuable and strong. You can do this. When things are falling apart, the kids need to be taxied, fed, the house cleaned and groceries done. The truthContinue reading “I am super woman! … not.”

After deployment

http://www.afterdeployment.org/  I wanted to share this great site for military spouses who have no idea on how to deal with all the issues around deployments, pre during and post deployments. Deployment is over for him now and I’m thankful he is home safe, decompressing and readjusting to civilian life. It’s kind of unfair that  spousesContinue reading “After deployment”

Good Night Captain Mama! Pre-Order Book Tour and twitter party!

I want to share information on this new children’s book written by my friend Graciela TiscareƱo-Sato, and Illustrated by Linda Lens. If you are military mama, this would be a great book to have and share with your children.Pre-Order Book tour and Twitter party takes place next week! See below for details.   Good NightContinue reading “Good Night Captain Mama! Pre-Order Book Tour and twitter party!”

My Lean In Story

I wanted to share with you all that my Lean In story was published on Sheryl Sandbergs community site. I’m excited that it was published and happy to bring awareness about being a military esposa. It’s not easy and every day is a struggle. With God’s help and with the love and support of familyContinue reading “My Lean In Story”

The Only Girl Among Boys: Letter To the War-Weary Wife

I’ve not been writing for this blog simply because I’ve been able to communicate and stay in touch with my sailor through other media. I thought at first that this would be something that he could read to keep up with us at home.   Unlike the first deployment we are lucky to have toolsContinue reading “The Only Girl Among Boys: Letter To the War-Weary Wife”